Operation Christmas Child Boxes Due October 17th

The Witness commission is continuing to collect items for Operation Christmas Child. They would like to have a total of 110 boxes to mail this year. You can either compile your own complete box or continue to donate individual items for the commission to assemble. The committee is working on creating 55 boxes from the supplies donated and challenge the congregation to create/compile 55 individual boxes complete with everything in the box. You can help with either option. If you have questions please contact Karen Wallis or Donna Phillips.

If you would like to complete a box :
Get a brochure with the details from the display of approved items to include in box
Include postage of $9.00
Place contents in a six quart clear plastic container with a locking lid
Please return box by October 17th

If you would like to purchase various items to help with the commissions assembling of boxes this is a list of items still needed:
(This was updated on August 8th)
Mini Flashlights 28; Pencil Bags 42; Floss (Small) 29; Playing Cards – Poker 9 Decks; Flexible Rulers 42; Socks (Boys All Sizes & Girls 17 Size 5-9, 18 Size 9-11); Pencils #2 10 boxes (24 Ct); Toboggan Hats (Boys & Girls) All Sizes 46; Manicure Sets 41; Hair Accessories (Girls) 25; Small Stuffed Animals (NO BLACK) 37; Hair Brushes 25; Scissors (Dull Point) 42; Pencil Sharpeners 40; Glow Sticks Bracelet Size 30; Notepads – Chunky (3X5) 46; Hacky Sacks 54; Jump Ropes 15; Index Cards 18